Not sure where to begin when it comes to creating your personal brand?

The Branding of Me can help you throughout the process.  From deciding how best to showcase 'YOU' to executing with ease by giving you the skills you need.


Empowering staff and individuals with the skills and knowledge to create, develop and manage all digital communications.  The Branding of Me is dedicated to ensuring that all clients are comfortable with their digital communication skills.  Training is created with your needs in mind.

Training can include:

  • Social media training- Linkedin; Twitter; Instagram; Tik Tok; YouTube, podcasting and blogging.
  • Presentation skills - gain confidence with presentation skills and novel ways to communicate with your audience.
  • Over content strategy training - Not sure where to showcase your brand?  The Branding of Me can help you devise a SMART strategy.





Looking for something different to inspire your workforce?  The Branding of Me has had the opportunity to speak at many conferences, events, induction days to inform and inspire the audience on the power of personal branding, personal development, and confidence-building.






The Branding of Me has the vision to instil confidence and growth for business, brands and individuals.  Therefore, we are dedicated to our clients and their needs.  Overall we are a consultancy to help you.

We value you and your business so ask yourself 'WHY?' instead of 'WHY NOT?' and get in touch.


The Branding of Me has been helping clients since 2015 and has a dedicated client base.  If you wish to learn how we can help you and your employees with the skills to create and manage a personal brand that extends to create revenue, get in touch today.