Personal Branding Strategy

personal branding strategy

Personal Branding is only about the individual, right?

You may be surprised how many times I get asked this question. In organisational behaviour we look at three elements, the individual, groups and the organisation in order to create the best possible scenario for success.  Stemming from this basic foundational concept of organisation behaviour we can look at personal branding in a similar way.  The Branding of Me’s Tri-component of personal branding considers the individual, the business and the level of control of the brand message.

Another common question I get asked is ‘why should I help my employees with their personal brand; is it not just for career progression?’  I firstly say that they may be looking at career progression incorrectly in that they may think of their benefit instead of the possible benefit of individual.

Solution - By giving employees the confidence to create and manage their personal brand, you are empowering them with the confidence you have in them, supporting their career and their development.  The other side of that is that by allowing your employees to showcase their skills and attributes you are heightening your employer branding.

It is not all about controlling employee’s internet usage, although it is one element we do worry about.  By sharing employee’s personal brand through platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and even TikTok, you are taking control of your business brand message.

Personal Branding Tri-component
Personal branding is about an individual but as each individual has a part to play in organisational success, shouldn’t personal branding as well?  ABSOLUTELY!
We live in the age where communication about brands, companies, people and products move so fast, then it is time to take control.  Take control of one’s reputation, online persona, business brand and overall digital footprint.


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