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Your reputation level depends on what you say

Only recently I witnessed someone I was at the time following on twitter, use the platform to speak negatively about another person.  The person on the receiving end is in the same profession as the writer of said tweets and is extremely well known around Ireland and the world as being a model and now being a nutritional therapist.  She returned to study nutritional therapy a few years back and is now at the forefront of eating well and exercising.  I love to see anyone from any background come out on top after hard-work and a driven attitude.  I have respect for anyone to make something of themselves but also to have respect for others in the same field.

The only reason I can see for another person to speak negatively about such a person is pure jealously.  It is very easy to sit behind the screen and pretend to be on a high horse looking down on others.  Her claims were that this celebrity didn’t qualify as a nutritional therapist.  Now if she had done her homework, she would have realised that in fact she is.  Even if the qualification isn’t awarded from an Irish College shouldn’t automatically be deemed as being false.  My undergrad education in business studies and then marketing degree were awarded to me from UK Colleges, but I am qualified thank you very much.  I worked hard and EARNED my degrees.  They are recognised throughout the world which means I could work anywhere.

I always tell all my clients to be proud of their education as it makes them who they are today no matter what college it is. Yes others are probably more brand worthy than others, but it what you do with your education at the end.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Social media is a wonderful thing to share our opinions but turning it into a platform to bully others so that your followers think you are more superior is not the way to grow your connections.  Think about your reputation if you are trying to decrease the level of someone else’s reputation.  It will always be online, always traced, always present, always open for defamation suit.


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