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What’s your Story?

I love a good story.


After setting up a business my reading material has shifted from the easy reading fictional novels to the how to set up a business inspiring type books. Whichever way you look at all those books there is one common trend – there lies a story. A story about the singleton girl who moves to the country, opens a bakery and finds herself to the tale of having an unimaginable idea whilst sitting on the toilet and making it into a successful business. There are all tales to tell; tales to inspire others into action; tales to make you say “yay I can totally do that too.”

Last week I attended an event hosted by Network Cork in the amazing and refurbished Montenotte Hotel. It was a packed house as the lovely Marissa Carter, CEO of Cocoa Brown made her way to come to speak to a room full of ladies in business (there was one man, good on him, it took balls to do that!). As you know I use Marissa as a prime example of having a successful personal brand. Her business in built on her own story of why she decided to create her own brand of self tan. I won’t tell you the story as it is Marissa’s story, not mine but it is a wonderful one. It goes to show that we all have our own unique story. Think of Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey as examples as well.

It is a story that makes you who you are today; the what drives you forward. There have properly been and no doubt will be subsections to your story to add along the way. These are all the stories that people want to hear. These stories are what people will remember of you. It may be your product or service that you wish to be remembered for, however your product and service is what you are delivering, it is YOU that makes it all worthwhile.

I urge you all to share your story either on a blog as part of your business, a personal blog, a vlog or insta/snapchat story. Go and share it. Your story is your foundation, so go and take time to take that trip down memory lane. What’s your story?

Maeve 🙂


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