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What’s in a title?

The economy is growing” – they say. “Money is being spent and more jobs are available” – they say.  Who are they? Ok so fair enough there is evidence that jobs are becoming available as business becomes busier and require the human asset to help with growth.  It’s a wonderful notion to believe.  I have had clients approach me over the past few months to help them with their online presence to have that upper hand over other applicants.  But they ask the same question that I have asked over the past eight years and I have (and still) experience to this day.

Why do they say I am over qualified when I have been unable to secure work for the past number of years and all I want to do now is work?

The real question is, how are employers going to handle the recruitment process now with this stream of once higher-level workers looking for low level of pay and rank?  On one hand, you would hope that they would embrace the notion and count their lucky stars to have such an experienced professional.  In reality, are they still scared that the person will take the high road if something better comes along?  There is that element of risk now for employers.  If all employers are not willing to take the risk on the experienced candidate, they will lose out. Why you may ask? These are the kind of employees who know what it is like to experience failure and in turn will be more determined to work hard….for you, the employer.  These are the kind of people who have a passion for what they do if all they want to do is work and make a difference……for you.  These are the kind of people who are happy to get a job and be surrounded by others….for you.

There are changes ahead for employers as the economy “grows” at all levels.  Most recently IBEC announced their disagreement with the government’s plan to abolish zero-hour contracts.  I can see their viewpoint but I can see it being of benefit for the worker in professions such as retail and hospitality.  Without acknowledging a minimum number of working hours, it is difficult for workers to budget and even pay their bills if the employers are unable to allocate set hours.  You are offered a job but without the security of workable hours.  Is it truly workable?

Those looking for employment are looking to work, to make a difference and receive a wage.  That is the bottom line.  Does the title of the job really make that bottom line a problem?



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