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Utilising your human capital for online growth

When was the last time you thought about your online presence?  I’m not just talking about your digital marketing strategy, although I hope you have one, but I want you to think about how you engage with your audience and ways you are promoting your business.  

Ask yourself what are you doing to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Ok, so look at it this way.  What is your story?  Why did you set up the business?  Remember the drive you had when you started up; the goals you had; the ambition.  Is it still there?  Behind every product and every business there is a person at the driving wheel.  We spend so much time relaying the message of what the product or service can do for the audience, we forget what the person driving it all can add to it.  Here lies your competitive advantage.  This doesn’t just start and end with the owner or the manager, the sole trader, the board – this spreads out to every, single, person who is part of your business.  Everyone who is representing your brand. 

We all hear a lot about teamwork and motivating a team encouraging them to step up and sell the business. The “one for all and all for one” attitude.  This is what you need to portray to your customers.  This should be part of your brand message.  The personal branding framework is what makes your business stand out.  Not every business has the same back story; not every business has the same team spirit or team story. 

It is the human capital within your own business that adds value.

So how can you show this?  There is a world of possibilities waiting to be utilised when it comes to digital tools. 

Social media is a most effective way to get your message across.  Each tool has a different purpose, but used appropriately will make your business story come alive.  Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are utilised with results in growth but have you thought about engagement growth?  Other tools such as Pinterest, Instagram and now with the user friendly ways to use video to portray your message, there really is no excuse.  You can’t be left behind.

Blogging is a wonderful tool to show the style and storytelling side of your business.  Audiences are drawn in to hear about other people’s stories.  Little glimpses into the story behind the brand.  Make it part of your website.  Customers will be drawn to a blog.  Don’t allow just one person to contribute, remember you are a team.  If it’s just you, ask for others to guest blog.

Networking we all know is so beneficial for any business, either at business associations or other events.  But think about who is the face of the business, why not allow other members of the team represent the business now and again.  This gives a sense of purpose for them and their story will allow for an alternative viewpoint.  Another point is, why wait for others to organise an event.  Why not invite clients/customers to your own event?

All these elements can be incorporated into your digital marketing strategy with a bit of time and management.  It is a way to engage with your customers and establish an online relationship management system.  These processes enable the business to grow their online presence.  Each post or online activity allows the brand to become more searchable by gathering in your human capital of your team.

You need to consider personal branding techniques from now on, starting with upper ranks and filtering to all below.  Work on the brand message, be sure that everyone who represents your business knows exactly what it is.

Build on what makes your brand stand out – your competitive advantage – your human capital.

cropped-BoM_finalLogo.jpgThe Branding of Me is a Personal Branding Consultancy Firm based in Cork City.  It offers training in creating and managing a personal branding strategy by incorporating social media and other digital tools.  Each consultation is tailor-made to suit very client from every background and every goal.  The Branding of Me offers continued support to every client.



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