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Twitter and Personal Branding

I love Twitter, I’ll admit it I have become a little addicted. However, it wasn’t really the case at the start. It took me a long while to realise what a valuable tool Twitter actually is and more so now for your personal brand.

Twitter to me at beginning seemed a tad cliquey to me. Everyone seemed to know each other and stick with their own little gang, kind of like Second Life. It was almost like the first day of secondary school where you would desperately look out for a familiar face. So for a long while I stayed quietly in the background, sussing out what Twitter was all about. Slowly I started to retweet (after I figured out what the symbol meant and the term RT). The lingo was also a learning curve…LMAO!!

As time moved on I gained the confidence to say…..”hello”. I did really! A few conversations began and my followers grew. It did take some time to realise that it wasn’t really Will Smith though L.

Twitter now however has developed from a social networking tool into a marketing dream. You are able to reach your target audience and create a relationship with them. Brands are able to grow and remain stable with this tool and those with accounts grew again in Ireland to 31% of the population (source:

So from a personal branding perspective, how should you use twitter to develop your own online persona?


Make sure the photo you use is of good quality and up close to see your face. Why put a picture up there if you are standing so far away, you are then a blob on your profile?? Also make sure it is respectable and decent. This may sound pretty straight-forward but you would be surprised how many I have seen of people who work for high classed companies with a photo of themselves during a “great” night out. So don’t be an egg head, get a good photo.

Profile Description

You have only 140 characters to make an impact. Don’t leave it blank. If someone follows you and their profile is blank, then how do you know who they are and what they do? It is so important to develop a good profile description about yourself.


Because of the constraint of characters in the profile, it always good to have a link to your LinkedIn page or website where your audience can gain a better insight into who you are and what you do.


I do find it good to have an actual location. “worldwide” doesn’t cut it. If you trade worldwide that’s all fine, but it matters most from where you are based. For businesses to connect and for jobseekers to be found by relevant recruiters.


If you really want to keep your privacy, then create a private account but if you want to use Twitter to increase your profile for work, jobs etc., then have two separate accounts. Don’t use twitter to stay hidden. I started on my personal account and then developed the account for The Branding of Me.


Be engaging on Twitter. Start-up conversations, get involved with hashtags and tweet chats. If you are not too sure about Twitter, do try it out for a while, like I did. You will reap the rewards after time, but be confident enough to try. I have finally met up with followers who I have conversed with on Twitter years ago and it rewarding.

BTW, is there a 12 step process for Twitter fans?


More tips and practical techniques about Twitter and other social media platforms are just some of the services offering by The Branding of Me


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