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The majority of my clients ask me how I am able to edit a photo or create visual posts without knowing the ins and outs of photoshop.  After a while of answering the question, I realised that I was creating a list of valuable online tools to help you create unique ways to promote your personal brand.  These are easy to use tools you should consider for each element of your brand.  The tools I use would have been either recommended to me by others over the years or those I use myself.  One thing to remember is that there is a digital tool for every task.  Some are free and others are not.  The free versions can be limited so it would depend on your needs.

Have fun!

For social media (desktop) is one of the best ways to create visual posts for your social media accounts.  The wonderful thing about Canva is that is gives you the dimensions for each platform so you don’t need to worry about the image getting distorted.  Canva also allows you to create your headers and profiles for some platforms.  Another bonus is that Canva has hundreds of free templates to work from to get inspired for your posts.

Instagrids (app) for creating a unique profile on Instagram.  It allows you to create multiple posts into one picture when looking at your profile.  It packs a punch visually.

Picture editing is what I use.  It allows you to rework photos by adding features and effects to simple tasks like resizing or cropping.  Like any tool, resizing any distort your image so it cannot make miracles but it is a handy tool for adding features.

Illustrator  I am learning this myself with the help of multiple youtube videos but it is handy to know even the basics like resizing without distorting.  If you have the time and patience to learn, it is an inexpensive (as you can just buy this instead of the entire Adobe suite) and knowledgable tool to learn.


Buffer and Hootsuite are the best tools I know.  I started with Hootsuite but moved to Buffer.  They both are invaluable tools to use to safe time when it comes to scheduling posts and keeping your personal brand active.  What I do is I stockpile articles and posts I wish to share during the week to share the week after.  I save all my canva images, blog posts and external articles on template I created on excel to copy and paste into Buffer.  Sometimes I paste them directly onto Buffer if I wish for them to be posted at an optimal time of the day.

Buffer allows you to post up to 10 posts on 3 platforms for free.  Otherwise it is €10 a month which isn’t bad at all.

For a good social media template, go the Hubspot for easy to download templates.  This is where I found my original one for excel but I have edited it since to suit my needs.


Powerpoint is easy to use and reliable but the impact isn’t there especially for particular audiences.  I do hope it would expand a bit more and I say it will but for now I use online tools such as Prezi and Emaze.

I use Emaze the most as it is very visually pleasing to the eye and I can incorporate videos, gifs and sound.  Emaze has some nice templates to choose from although I would like to see a better choice.  The free service has loads to choose from although the big drawback is that you are unable to download it on the free version so need to rely on a good wifi service at the venue.  To sign up for emaze is not cheap and is misleading as you think it’s a certain amount per month but they charge you annually.

Canva is also a handy tool for presentations with loads of template, picture and ideas to choose from. The upside here is that it can be exported as PDF if you need to present without wifi.


As an Office 365 user, I use OneNote to easy copy and paste links or daily/weekly tasks.  Other handy tools are Evernote and Google Keep so it’s a personal choice.


Google analytics is a necessity if you have a website or blog.  It is easy to set up from your Google account and there are many plugins for your website.  Make sure your plugin tags each page of your website.  There are numerous teaching videos to watch to learn about google analytics and Google Academy is a way of learning how analytics is important for your business website.


To save time posting from your website to social media platforms, set up a sharing plugin on your website.  Search them through the plugins option on your website but do your research as to which one is the best.

I hope you find these tools handy for your personal brand and share what tools you use in case I missed any.


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