Online Portfolios

Portfolios are usually viewed as tools for the creative professions, but any work samples, presentations, graphic work for arranging an event should be used to showcase your overall work.

You have numerous choices of how to showcase your work depending on your profession and overall brand.  An online portfolio should be part of your branding tool kit either as part of your website/blog or as a stand alone portfolio for example I use Carbonmade. You then need to link this to all your tools from your CV to Social Media, wherever you have a presence.

Whatever work you have done will make an amazing first impression.  This increases your online presence also for when your name is searched.

Here is the link to my carbonmade portfolio.  I will be adding onto it in due course, but you can see the potential of Carbonmade.  Other portfolios site I would recommend would be Behance and Dunked.  The list of portfolios sites are endless, but try to choose one that would blend in with your brand.  Take a look at various online portfolio sites and see what works for you.  They are fun to play around so give it a go.



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