Social Media platforms are becoming more important for workers with 38% using LinkedIn to raise their personal profile through networking. LinkedIn is another networking platform solely aimed at professionals, job-seekers and now with academics coming online ( have their own account).

LinkedIn is like your CV with additional padding. You can enhance your profile by adding skills, experience and connections can endorse for these skills which all the shared connections can see.

One of beneficial pros of LinkedIn is how the platform allows groups with shared interest to engage with each other. If you have a post from your blog, make sure you post it to your groups and not just your own wall. Groups is where most of the conversations take place. So if you are wondering why your wall does not engage a lot, try the groups. Join a good few groups with different angles on your interests.

You really can’t go wrong with your profile on LinkedIn. The site encourages you to update your profile and add skills etc.

Social Media has an effect on career development with 38% saying they actively build professional contacts through LinkedIn. Of these 50% wanted to establish themselves in a professional light through the network, while the other 50% use it to keep in touch with other professionals and networks.

But only 4% of job hunters would consider LinkedIn to search for jobs!


Recruiters and HR managers now post their jobs on LinkedIn along with the usual online methods, but with LinkedIn, they are aiming at those with a great LinkedIn profile.

Just like with Twitter and Facebook, make your connections. LinkedIn will suggest those in your professional area for you to follow.

At the moment you can only use your Twitter feed to post to LinkedIn so make sure you set that up.

And again, use your profile branding techniques like with all your other social media platforms.

So I want you to take a look at your LinkedIn profile.

  1. When was the last time you looked at it?
  2. Does it need to be updated with more skills, interests etc?
  3. How many groups have you joined?
  4. Are you engaging with those groups?
  5. Are your other platforms feeding into LinkedIn?
  6. Go through the suggested connections and add another 5 today.
  7. Say hi to a few (and me) or post an article you wrote.

Here is a insightful article from Forbes regarding LinkedIn.  Now he says it could be the only tool you need for your Personal Online Branding toolkit, but I disagree.  It should be a main one, but not all are on LinkedIn, with only 24% of the Irish population with an account.






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