Facebook puts the “social” into the term social media. It is the most daily used social media platform with 60% of Irish users checking their account. (source: MRBI Feb 15)

Facebook accounts are created to be more social than professional. They are created for the purpose to connect with your friends, old school friends, and family both at home and abroad. We share our pictures of ourselves doing the strangest things, pictures of our kids and family, basically sharing memories.

So you need to ask yourself, do you want this being public especially in an age where there are so many people unfortunately abusing the whole purpose of the site. You need to think of security.

Personally I have my own Facebook account that is nowhere visible on any of my other platforms. I will not share this information with anyone unless I know them. I will not put my Facebook link on my CV and I will not search for any potential employers or contact on a professional level. Keep your personal to yourself.

But the great thing about Facebook though is that you can set up Pages or Groups. You can use the business feature that Facebook likes to push (at a cost), but at the beginning set it up yourself and see how it progresses.

A page entitles you to be more professional, just like the rest of your online brand. You can link your posts to here with wonderful images and hence building your number of likes for the page and individual posts.

Fill out the Page Info section as much as you can as you enable the reader to connect on a higher level than a short description. Add any links you wish to share like your blog/website etc.

Pick an image that you will be using for all the other platforms as well. Make sure the image is big and clear enough to use. You can always use an online tool like picmonkey.com to help you crop, resize or enhance the image for each platform.

Facebook pages allows you to have more content than twitter with more images and videos. The choices are endless. I would recommend posting something if not everyday, but every two days. A lot of companies allocate a day where they post, and then that’s it for the week. I feel that is would cause their followers to get bored and will forget about the page. You need to remember that posts will only show for a particular length of time on someone’s timeline, so you need to make it count. Even if you have no announcement or article to share, even share a picture or video that would make your follower smile and remember you. I like to share articles from The Examiner or Forbes. Just make it appropriate.




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