Blogging – an art of telling a story

Your brand needs to show the kind of person you are.  This is hard to achieve with a limit of 120 characters over a period of time.  It’s like being cut off from a very important phone call (or passing through Templemore on the Dublin-Cork train – no signal).

All good brands tell a story to enforce a reaction.  The reaction you have to Christmas ads for example.  This gives the human element to a brand.  But here you are the human in an Information Technology driven world.  So let’s use that by creating a blog.

A blog a few years back and still today be seen as a way of documenting thoughts, options, collections of some kind like recipes or that of a diary.  Today blogging has made a huge impact for businesses, networking and personal branding.

I would highly recommend creating a blog/website.  Get a domain name that reflects you.  It doesn’t have to be your name, but it does help when conducting an online search.

If you are in a business, then create a blog on that website.  Give the website the human element.  The key is then to set it up so that all posts you publish will circulate to all your social media platforms.  This enhances your brand and gains more traffic.

Consider that your blog (a standalone or part of another website) as the book and each blog post is a chapter or a collection of short stories.  Blogs can be viewed as one of the main branding tools that can house all the other methods of communication.  Set up plugins on your blog to send links to posts and to groups on LinkedIn, Facebook pages or tag peers on Twitter.  All the time try to entice your audience back to your blog.

Your target audience will be able to identify you because of your blog and will remember posts.  Such an impact can be made with a blog.

WordPress is one of the most favoured ways of creating a blog but there are others too.  Here is a nice article about the other platforms used for blogging




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