The second most popular social media platform. Like Facebook, Twitter can be a great way to stay connected on a social level and follow celebrities, sports stars, those who share a hobby or other personal reasons. Honestly, this is why I created my first Twitter account, way back when. But today, I have two accounts. One that allows me to look at the news feeds on a social and personal level, and one that I created for my research and college work. Now in saying that, I am still very particular about what content I have on both accounts, as both are searchable and very visible. But it can show you in two different lights, the professional one and the personal one. And I only use my professional one on my other social media platforms, CV, website etc as that is the brand I wish to portray.

With Twitter, you only have 120 characters to pack a big punch here. That is why linking your facebook page with your Twitter accounts helps in the long run and makes the managerial process a lot easier.

So let’s start with your bio. When someone searches for you on Twitter this is the first thing they see along with your timeline. So let’s make it count.

You only have 160 characters to write something about yourself. So be clear about your work, goals or study area.

Do add your location, not the village or town but either City or County along with the Country. If you select your location, your network will know how near you are and what you can do for them (and likewise).

Have a link to your blog/website, LinkedIn or portfolio. Even a link to your Facebook page if you don’t have a website yet. Just don’t leave it blank. It shows that your online presence does not end at Twitter. But pick something that houses a lot more of your information like how I explained the purpose of your website.

You can add a hashtag onto you bio if you wish. This enables the person viewing your profile to view any conversations about your topic of interest. Thus you are allowing that person to read more of your story and knows what kind of person you are and thus creating a reaction.

Add your chose profile photo and do add a background, maybe some other image from your website or Facebook page. Again be consistent.

Now to start following….

You should have chosen your target audience by now, so start following the ones you know and be very nosey and have a look through their connections. Twitter will suggest some followers too based on your choices. Don’t just follow them all though and don’t have a list that shows you following 1000 followers and 10 follower for you. Try to keep it even enough as this shows that you engage with your own followers and you are not just there to read their tweets. Also try to keep the number of tweets you made a nice balance between original tweets and retweets. Favourite some tweets as well (the little star symbol). It shows that you liked the tweet enough to not just retweet it (ie pass it off to someone else).

Original tweets will show you and your brand. What you like to talk about and that you are willing to start a conversation. Also try to hashtag an original tweet. You may be surprised how far it may travel.

Always ask yourself “will they want to read this?” before sending a tweet. Is it appropriate?

Retweeting is a great way of gaining followers and engagements. Even quote the tweet with a “good article” Dave or “I like that”. This is a way of creating a relationship out of your connection. They will know that you notice what they say and visa versa. Sometimes it’s hard to be remembered by one of your own tweets but you will be remembered by someone else’s for liking theirs!

These are all ways to increase your network. Remember, the more connections you have, the more widely available your brand will be to more people.


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