Managing your Brand

Now you should have the knowledge to begin developing your brand. It is fine to have all your social media accounts created but they need to be managed. Just like any brand eg Pepsi, the brand needs to be kept alive and breathing in the eyes of its market. Otherwise another one will take its place.

It is up to you to decide how much time you can dedicate to managing your brand. Take a look at this infographic that shows the best time and day to post, depending on the platform. Are your surprised by any?


Make sure you have installed an analytics plugin tool onto your website and do look at it each week. Look at what pages are being looked at the most and for how long (ie was it actually read).

I would suggest that if you wished to called your website after yourself, buy the domain name. It’s your name so own it!

For a business, look into promoting some of your Facebook posts or even taking out an advert for the page.

If you are personal online branding for a job or just starting off developing your brand, search your name and see what comes up first and how far down is it listed? Think about where you are posting to and where the traffic is headed.

Set up alerts, where you are notified if someone conducts a search with your name.  Google alerts is available with your google account, set it up with different variations of your name or business.  Another tool is Mention which is alerts you also my email.  There are other available so I would suggest trying out a few.

In a search, build on the positive ones and get any negative ones way down the list onto the next page where it will hopefully not be seen. In a nutshell, get rid of online skeletons!

Management tools such as Hootsuite will help you to post your content at the most opportunistic times.  So for example, let’s say you published a blog post.  Your blog is set up to link with your Facebook page and your Twitter account.  Therefore a link will be posted to direct your audience back to your blog post.  However you also want it to be posted again later and also to LinkedIn.  Here is where Hootsuite comes into play.  On your Hootsuite Dashboard you can copy the URL to your blog post and decide at what time you wish for it to be posted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn etc.  One word of caution though, be aware of what content will be posted at the time you set it, will the content still be appropriate at that time, has a news event made your content not appropriate perhaps?


Be consistent! Brands are consistent throughout, from colour schemes, images, font, content etc.

Link as many accounts together as you can and list as many as you can on each platform.

Have a professional brand away from your personal one. That is consider having 2 separate accounts.

You want people to see

  • who you are
  • what you can do
  • what makes you stand out from everybody else.

After you have accomplished creating and developing your brand, ask yourself one last question?

If you were hiring someone for your job or the job you wanted and based on your personal online brand, would you hire yourself now?



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