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Don’t worry it won’t break – the fear of digital tools

Over the past year during my time in UCC, I learned just how digital tools have the tendency to really terrify the life out of a lot of people.  These people I speak of are what have been classed as digital immigrants, those born before 1980 and before the digital revolution.  In a nutshell the first digital device we (yes I am including myself) saw was a digital watch or clock.

Personally, I do love to be adventurous and “have a go” at things, I guess it’s the marketer and creative side of me.  So me and like others have ventured into living through the digital revolution a bit easier.  Similar to how we learned that if you put a strip of tape over the holes in cassettes and video tape that you are able to record Zig and Zag on the Ian Dempsey radio show and episodes of Baywatch (maybe too much information there, but I’m trying to reflect the era here….cough cough).  But then came DVD’s and CD’s so that little trick wasn’t workable anymore.

During my time as marketing manager I saw marketing practices changing.  The whole concept of less paper didn’t really seem to pan out however, but how we sent images for copy with broadband, how we connected with target audiences radically changed.  But how was it really received by gthe majority of digital immigrants?  Slowly.  The company I worked for were old school.  They didn’t see the need in the internet…why change something that isn’t broken.  But as time passed it all broke.  Email marketing, websites, online shopping all shifted how business was been done.  If you weren’t on board, you would evidently fall off.

This terrifying notion of all things digital is what I witnessed during my time in UCC and especially during the workshops.  The majority of people I spoke to had a Twitter or Facebook account but were just too scared of broadening outside of those or the concept of developing a blog or even a website.  A lot were still under the illusion that developing and managing a website would cost thousands of euro.  When faced with the idea of doing it themselves, the fear set in.  I said the same thing I would say to some of my fellow classmates, “you can’t break it!”

Another terrifying notion that so many have is the huge amount of digital tools being launched and how these tools are changing how we promote our personal brand or even their business.  A great example here is Periscope – the live broadcasting open source tool, owned by Twitter.  When I showed some participants the logo for periscope, they did not know what it was.  By opening a conversation, questions came up covering both as a user and a viewer.

So if they don’t know what is it, (and these are male and female over 30), then how can we use the tool to engage with our audience?  The answer is to promote it before the time of broadcast through social media.  Periscope is linked to your Twitter account anyway, so easy peasy, and you can’t break it.

How can you get people to engage and ask questions during a periscope broadcast?  Ask a colleague or friend to ask questions and strategically engage with others.  This should open the floor for others to interact.  A lot of viewers may visit for a short look and won’t engage.  Your goal should be to keep them watching and engaging.  Ask yourself why are people clicking on my link to watch?

How can I get trending with Periscope?  If you press the screen during a live broadcast, hearts appear on the right hand side.  The more hearts viewers send, the higher score you get.  Here’s a tip…if I follow someone on periscope, I can tell instantly if they have broadcast before and if they have engaged with the audience.  The more hearts awarded, the more follower you will attract.

How will periscope help my brand? If you are someone who is social, engages with your peers, wishes to be seen as adventurous with new tools and to gain a bigger audience for events etc, Periscope is a great tool for that.

And you cannot break it.

Thanks to the Marketing Institute of Ireland, Cork office and Eoin Kennedy of Zone Digital who allowed us all (who couldn’t make it) to watch the MII Cork Power Up Event last Wednesday with the use of Periscope.  It was the MII’s inaugural time for using Periscope and what a way to use the tool to drive the event.

Don’t be afraid to try out new tools, they don’t bite, I’ll be trying Blab soon.  So I’ll keep you all updated.


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