Introduction to Personal Branding

We are all looking at unique ways to enhance our career prospects, business or academia/research especially online. So what better way to do this is by using your own uniqueness. We are all unique from our background; to our opinions; to our goals. However, with so many people already online, how can we showcase this uniqueness to stand out? It is really simple – by using personal branding techniques.

Brands want you to react to their product/service; they want you to feel a particular way so you will become loyal. Personal branding also aims to react this kind of reaction when someone searches you or your business.

If you are in business or just want to enhance your career prospects, you need to know the best ways to showcase your work with Personal Branding techniques. The techniques are simple to master and to adapt to an overall business strategy. The Branding of Me gives clients the opportunity to become managers of their own personal brand with the relevant skills and knowledge.


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The Branding of Me for Business

Information is everywhere and can be accessed by the touch of a button. Your business has so much information to share and with the online tools that are available, how the audience receives this and the frequency of delivery on multiple devices makes it all that easier for customers to make decisions about your business. But the same can be said for your competitors. We are all looking for ways to stand out from our competitors; to show our competitive advantage.

Personal branding techniques adopted as part of your overall strategy brings added value to your business; make it stand out from the crowd; it’s competitive advantage. Every story from everyone at your business is different; who they are, where they come from, their goals. But they all have one thing in common – to bring value to their job.

Capitalising on your human assets, promotes teamwork, trust, value and authenticity of a brand.

Personal branding will rejuvenate your business brand message from the inside to promote the business from who knows it best – your team. This also allows your team to be valuable part of the business.

The Branding of Me has a unique way of training you and your team to make the most of business communication to promote the brand message.

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Happy Clients

What our clients say…

The “Branding of Me” course is fab, highly recommend it, if you want to present your best self to the world to attract new business or even job offers. Maeve, an experienced UCC graduate, is a born communicator with useful tips and practical advice on how to best present yourself on social media and offline through networking.

Catherine Wilson Catherine Wilson - Marketing Consultant

Maeve thank you so much for the excellent course you gave on Branding of Me. It was exactly what I needed to kick start my job search. There was some really interesting ideas on how to stand out from the crowd and I look forward to putting these to good use. You were a pleasure to listen to, so enthusiastic and encouraging. I came away feeling so far more positive and enabled. I will keep you updated on my progress.

Deirdre McCaffrey Deirdre McCaffrey - Skillsnet Participant

One of the most impressive people I have met recently is Maeve Ahern O’Neill, who has launched a service which I believe has been sorely missing from the marketplace.

Her company The Branding of Me addresses one of the key bugbears which I would have, as the recipient of many unsolicited (and invariably poorly presented) CVs.
Maeve has set out to help those seeking to improve their employment situation in a structured, researched and imaginative way.
Having seen the results of her work, I, for one, would be delighted if those seeking to improve their employment position used her service so that I could actually receive applications which properly represent the candidates, and don’t make me lose interest after the first 2 lines!
Delighted to see this new business coming to market, and have absolute faith in Maeve and her ability to make a difference to peoples’ lives.

Eoin Kennedy

We were particularly keen to leverage Maeve’s expertise and insights given the important of personal branding and one’s online person in professional life. Maeve also has a real passion for her material and this helps engage audiences quickly and effectively.

Maeve’s talk added significant value to our Post-Graduate Speaker Series and would be of relevance to anyone thinking of starting a new venture, already involved in a start-up or engaged in any form of professional activity. Her talk covered areas that we all need to embrace in to our everyday life to enhance our professional persona. I would recommend Maeve highly for those who wish to take their career or business to the next level with an authentic and unique brand. I look forward to having The Branding of Me partake in future talks for the Blackstone Launchpad at UCC.

Blackstone/Launchpad Peter Finnegan, Director @Blackstone LaunchPad, University College Cork

Maeve has delivered Personal Branding Workshops for BiznetCork Skillnet in the past and they have proved to be very successful with fantastic feedback. As we all know, how you present yourself impacts every aspect of your life, so this workshop gave trainees the knowledge to create and maintain a successful personal brand to take their career to the next level. Maeve is a great facilitator and is extremely knowledgeable in this area.

Cork Biz School Aoife Dunne, Training Manager, BiznetCork Skillnet

Maeve held a ‘Branding of Me’ workshop for my students, which was interactive, informative and more importantly; Practical. Maeve has energy and enthusiasm which is infectious, while maintaining her Professional brand.

Elizabeth Cox Elizabeth Cox - Careers Advisor at UCC Careers Service

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